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Friisberg & Partners International  is a partner-owned management consulting group specialising in Executive Search.

J. Friisberg & Partners S.A. was formed in Fribourg in Switzer­land during the late autumn of 1977, by Jørgen Friisberg. The firm grew under his guidance until in 1998, he retired as Chairman. He remains Honorary Life President of Friisberg & Partners International, which has continued to grow into an International Executive Search Group comprising over 250 executive search professionals in more than 40 locations across the world.

Through our highly experienced consultants and researchers we are able to offer clients a results-orientated and professional approach to finding the exceptional executive talent who will add value to their businesses.

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Apis Gtp is a Friisberg Partners Elected

At the 100th Partner conference of Friisberg & Partners International, held in Prague in October 2019,  Apis Gtp elected to equity partnership.

The official release